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I am Dr. Nehal Zula Gadhvi, Product development Specialist, and have worked with several products in the field of FMCG, Cosmetics and Electronics for more than 6 years. My main forte is to get the product ready with the most economical method.

Starting from ā€œAā€ container selection to ā€œZā€ placement of the finished product in market for sale. I am involved in the process as per the requirement of the clients.

Dr. Nehal Zula Gadhvi

Dr. Nehal Zula Gadhvi

The Hendy Group

You Dream it and I Execute it!!!

Any new company or any company coming up with a new product has a common concern. Developing the product which is feasible for longer run, economical, small inventory, and as per the market trend. But at the same time setting up huge departments who can do respective work along with product research, get an ideal vendor from the huge competitive market and develop a perfect product becomes a never-ending process.

Wait is over!!!
I am the one who will answer all your product related queries and deliver your product in most efficient time and finances.